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Nanny at home

It sometimes happens that you need a babysitter at home in the afternoon, evening or at night, with our 24/7 babysitting service we offer a tailor-made solution. We watch with the parents! Our Nannies are experienced and extensively screened in advance. Based on your wishes, we know exactly which Nanny best suits your family.

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Hotel Nanny

Are you staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel or apartment and need someone to look after the kids for a few hours? Our trained Nannies take over the care of the children during the absence of the parents. Our Nannies offer more than just care. They offer parents peace of mind and ensure that children have a fun and educational time.

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Event Nanny

The stress level can be high during events such as: weddings, baby showers and funerals. Let us take some of the worry away from you so that you can fully focus on other priorities during these important events.

The best childcare service

Our services are simple, effective and reliable. You can immediately place bookings for one of our services. Each service has the same benefits:

The advantages

On a row

  • Individual childcare at home or on location
  • Experienced and certified Nanny professionals
  • 24/7 support if needed
  • A fixed and familiar face for your child
  • Flexibility and choice
  • peace of mind
  • Tailor-made childcare
  • More social free time with your partner or friends
Our booking process

fast, simple & carefree

Evening babysitter? No problem!
Geen probleem!

A good night's sleep is important. That is not easy for everyone, think of new parents. Our Night Nanny takes over the tasks of the parents, so that there is room to look fresh and fruity the next day.

Totale Peace of Mind
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What do our customers say?

Read our customer experiences here

“Great service!

Very friendly and competent nanny(s).
They know how to reassure you.
Are you on holiday in Suriname and do you not have a babysitter? Then I heartily recommend The Hotel Nanny Service! ” ???

Tirzah Wittenberg

Royal Torarica - Paramaribo

"Super satisfied!

Nanny Ranie is really great.
With full confidence I was able to relax for a few hours during my holiday. Communication with Jill was also clear, professional and straightforward. Highly recommended."

Romana Watchman

Torarica Resort - Paramaribo

We have found a very sweet, reliable and experienced nanny. Very pleasant contact with the organization. Accessible and professional.

Katja Keuchenius

Expat Family - Paramaribo

Had a good experience with school counseling of my daughter during the covid pandemic. An experienced counselor has been sent who has a pedagogical background. Was always on time and gave me timely feedback on my child's progress. In summary, customer-friendliness, flexibility, professional competences top!

Dohjera Hildenberg

Huiswerkbegeleiding - Paramaribo

Childcare you can trust

Your small ones are our biggest job.

About us

The Hotel Nanny Service always
wants to provide parents with the best possible
babysitting service with daycare,
nanny and babysitting activities during vacation or
business trips.

Opening hours

Ma-Vrij: 07:00 - 17:00
Zaterdag: op aanvraag
Our Nanny services or in case of emergency,
are available 24/7!


Rode Kruislaan 14, Paramaribo, SR

Tel: +597 7788099

Email: info@hotelnannyservice.com


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